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The 5 best youtube short films

There are a lot of great youtube short films out there, and we’ve picked the 5 best ones to share with you. They’re all exciting, well-made, and sure to leave an impression.

1. “The Other Side” by Michael Kraljevic
This film is about a man who visits the other side after death and discovers that life is far from perfect. It’s dark, mysterious, and gripping, and it will leave you questioning what really matters in life.

2. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson doesn’t mess around when it comes to his youtube shorts – this one is a masterpiece. It tells the story of Mr. Fox as he tries to foil a plan devised by his rival farmer, played by George Clooney. It’s enchanting, funny, and altogether unforgettable.

3. “Dear Life” by Patrick Vollrath
Patrick Vollrath takes on the tough question of whether or not life is worth living in this deeply personal video clip. It’s intense and introspective and will leave you wondering what it means to truly be alive.

4. “Joe’s Violin: The True Story of One Man’s Search for Love and Meaning in Life” by Joey Karam
This heartwarming video clip tells the story of Joe – a

African american short films youtube

African American Short Films on YouTube


African American cinema has a long and varied history that stretches back to the early days of film. While films made by African Americans have been around since the earliest days of motion pictures, it wasn’t until the 1960s that black filmmakers began to gain wider recognition. These early films were often simple, low-budget affairs that focused on social issues and often dealt with racism and prejudice in America.

Since then, African American short film has emerged as a critically acclaimed and popular genre. This is largely due to the fact that short films are able to explore a variety of topics in a concise timeframe, and they’re also often able to tap into the emotional core of a story. As such, there are a number of great African American short films available online for you to watch. Here are five of our favorites:


1. “12 O’Clock Boys”


This Academy Award-nominated short film tells the story of two teenage boys who are accused of committing a robbery at a local convenience store. The boys are given an ultimatum by their lawyer: plead guilty or go to trial. However, they decide to take their case to trial, and the result is an intense and powerful drama that will stay with you long after you’ve finished watching it.


2. “The Trials of Muhammad Ali”


This documentary tells the story of Muhammad Ali’s epic legal battle against the United States government. Spanning more

dust short films youtube

Looking for some short, entertaining films to watch on YouTube? Here are five of the best:


1. “Dust” (2013)


This short film is about a man who begins to lose his grip on reality after a long day of working in a dusty factory. It’s an interesting and unique take on the zombie apocalypse genre, and it’s well-made as well.


2. “The Return” (2012)


In this short film, a man returns home after being away for many years to find that everything has changed. His family has moved away, his home has been demolished, and the town he used to know is now a ghost town. It’s an intriguing story that unfolds over the course of the short film.


3. “The Little Drummer Boy” (2009)


This short film tells the story of a boy who is forced to take part in Nazi propaganda activities during World War II. He struggles against his conscience while trying to keep himself and his friends safe. It’s an emotional story that will stay with you long after you’ve watched it.


4. “A Silent Voice” (2016)


This short film tells the story of a young girl who is mute due to a childhood accident. She struggles to fit in with her classmates and deal with bullying from them, but she discovers a new sense of independence when she joins the school choir. It’s an inspiring story that will leave you feeling.