5 Non-Hollywood Films That Bring The Noir

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5 Non-Hollywood Films That Bring The Noir

There’s no doubt that Hollywood has a firm grip on the world’s attention, with its blockbuster films dominating the box office for years. But sometimes, what’s popular isn’t always the best. In fact, there are some fantastic films out there that you may not have heard of – and they’re perfect for those dark nights when you just need to get lost in a world of crime and suspense.

Here are 5 of our favorite films from the genre:

1) The Hateful Eight
This epic Western was shot in extreme darkness, creating an eerie and thrilling atmosphere. The cast includes Oscar-winner Quentin Tarantino (who also wrote and directed), who brings his unique brand of storytelling to this gritty tale of betrayal and revenge.

2) Sin City
With its vivid colors and hyper-violent action scenes, this comic book adaptation is pure noir at its finest. A cast of classic Hollywood actors brings this dark saga to life, complete with a twist ending that will leave you wondering what went down.

3) Blue Velvet
director David Lynch creates an otherworldly atmosphere in this disturbing psychological thriller about a young man seduced by a female serial killer. With its slow build-up and eerily beautiful visuals, Blue Velvet is sure to send shivers down your spine.

4) Drive This intense crime drama follows Hollywood stuntman Sebastian “Black Mamba” Vega as he tries to make it as a professional

best film noir on youtube

One of the most popular and enduring film genres is noir. Noir films are typically dark, atmospheric crime dramas that often focus on hard-boiled detectives and corrupt police officers. While not all noir films are made in Hollywood, there are a few excellent examples that can be found on YouTube.


Here are five of the best noir films available on YouTube:


The Limey

dir. Peter Medak (UK, 1981)

This dark crime drama stars Roger Moore as Vincent Valentine, a retired British spy who is forced to work as a private detective after being blackmailed by the KGB. The Limey is atmospheric and tense, with strong performances from Moore and Diana Rigg.

The French Connection

dir. William Friedkin (USA, 1971)

Richard Gere stars as Parisian Police Inspector JB Duryea in this Academy Award-winning film about NYPD Det. Buddy Hollyman (Gene Hackman) investigating a drug trafficking ring led by Henri LeBlanc (Roy Scheider). The French Connection is full of grit and darkness, with great action scenes and an unforgettable ending.


Blue Velvet

dir. David Lynch (USA, 1986)

This cult classic features Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jeffrey Beaumont, a young man who becomes involved in a twisted love story involving Dorothy Vallens (Laura Dern), her stepfather Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper), and his psycho wife Alice (Jenny Seagrove

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1. “The Limey” (1990)


Set in the seedy underbelly of London, “The Limey” stars Edward Norton as a washed-up hitman who’s forced to take on one last job before he’s deported. The film’s gritty, noir cinematography perfectly captures the city’s dark underbelly, and its ensemble cast features some of the era’s biggest names (Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Val Kilmer).


2. “The Hitcher” (1986)


Based on the novel by Richard Paul Evans, “The Hitcher” follows a murderous loner (Michael Nouri) who travels across America looking for new victims. The film’s atmospheric cinematography perfectly captures the loneliness and menace of its protagonist, and it features an unforgettable performance by Rutger Hauer.


3. “Blue Velvet” (1986)


Boyd Crowder is a psychopathic killer who prowls the streets of L.A. in search of his next victim in David Lynch’s iconic noir thriller “Blue Velvet.” Featuring a groundbreaking visual style that blurs the line between reality and dream, “Blue Velvet” is a landmark movie that still casts an eerie spell over viewers decades after its release.