5 Actividades Extensivas para hacer de la #Youtube

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5 Actividades Extensivas para hacer de la #Youtube

There are many ways to make your YouTube channel successful, and some of the most popular activities include uploading videos about your hobbies or interests, creating video essays or lessons, and making original content. Here are five fun and interesting ways to make your channel stand out from the competition:

1. Start a discussion: One key way to attract viewers and engage them with your content is to start a conversation by addressing topical issues or talking about controversial topics. If you can get people engaged in what you’re saying, they’ll be more likely to watch and share your videos.

2. Make instructional videos: Whether you want to teach others how to do something or simply provide helpful tips, making instructional videos is one of the best ways to increase viewership on your channel. People love learning from experts, so if you can deliver information in an engaging way, you’re sure to draw in a crowd.

3. Share humorous short films: Humor is a powerful tool that can help connect with viewers on an emotional level, which can lead them to share your content with their friends. If you have a funny story or clever scene that you want to share, consider filming it as a short film and posting it online for all to see!

4. Offer social commentary: When it comes to opinion-based content, nothing beats giving viewers the chance to share their thoughts alongside yours. By commenting on current events or offering perspectives on hot topics, you

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1. Ver películas gratis en YouTube: Para comenzar, puedes ver películas gratis en YouTube con el servicio de descarga de música para celular (YouTube Music). Si no quieres descargar música para tu celular, puedes usar el servicio de streaming de vídeo en línea (YouTube TV).

2. Crear videos para YouTube: Si prefieres poner tus propias imágenes en tus vídeos, puedes usar el software gratuito Video Maker o la aplicación para dispositivos móviles GoPro HERO4 Black y HERO4 Silver.


3. Participar en debates y concursos: Los debates y concursos son una manera divertida de aprender sobre temas diversos e interesantes. Puedes participar sin costo en varios debates y concursos cada semana.


4. Escuchar canciones favoritas: Si quieres saber qué canciones están sonando en YouTube, puedes usar los datos de popularidad que ofrecen los propietarios de contenidos, como The Walt Disney Company o Universal Music Group.


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If you’re looking for an easy way to spend your free time, there are plenty of options available on YouTube. Here are five activities that will keep you entertained for hours on end:


1. Watch educational videos: If you’re looking to learn something new, YouTube is a great place to start. You’ll find lots of educational videos that cover a variety of topics, from history to physics.


2. Watch funny videos: YouTube is home to some of the funniest content out there. Whether you’re in the mood for a good laugh or just need a break from all the serious news out there, you’ll find plenty of funny videos to watch on YouTube.


3. Watch video clips of your favorite TV shows and movies: If you’re a fan of TV shows or movies, chances are you’ve seen clips or full episodes online before. On YouTube, you can watch entire seasons of your favorite shows, as well as movie trailers and clips from popular movies.


4. Watch video tutorials: If you’re new to a particular topic or tool, watching a video tutorial will help you understand the basics quickly. You can find tons of tutorials on everything from cooking to Photoshop.