10 Movie Scenes That Prove Pretty Woman Is More Than Just A Slogan

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10 Movie Scenes That Prove Pretty Woman Is More Than Just A Slogan

There’s a reason why “Pretty Woman” is so popular. The film has some great scenes that prove it’s more than just a slogan. Here are 10 of them.

1. When Richard Gere and Julia Roberts first meet, he’s playing pool and she’s trying to sell him insurance. He immediately makes her feel uncomfortable by complimenting her on her outfit and calling her “darling.” She retaliates by calling him a “geek.” This interaction is hilarious but also shows how competitive Roberts can be.
2. Later in the movie, Roberts unexpectedly shows up at Gere’s apartment and they end up making love for the first time. According to legend, this scene was so romantic that Tootsie director Sydney Pollack had to cut it from the final version of the film. In any case, it’s definitely one of the highlights of the movie.
3. Another memorable scene comes when Roberts’ character helps Gere get his revenge on his business rival by dressing like a prostitute and seducing him in his office. It’s an incredibly dirty scene that definitely leaves an impression on viewers.
4. One of the most famous scenes from “Pretty Woman” is when Roberts’ character goes out with Gere on a date and they go to a fancy restaurant where she gets very drunk and starts singing karaoke without knowing what she’s saying. It’s hilarious to watch, but also incredibly charming because she really doesn’t know how to behave

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Pretty Woman is one of the most quotable movies of all time. But did you know some of its more memorable scenes are more than just rhetoric? Here are 10 black-and-white film scenes that prove Pretty Woman isn’t just a slogan.


1. Richard Gere dances with Julia Roberts at the end of their first meeting – This classic scene is one of the film’s most defining moments. It sets the tone for their relationship, and it’s downright charming.

2. Vivian makes Richard drink tequila to prove he can’t keep up with her – Vivian is a complete bossy brat, and she knows it. So when Richard tries to play nice with her at a party, she takes matters into her own hands by making him drink tequila. He eventually succumbs, and they have a great laugh about it.

3. Julia Roberts cries during their first argument – Julia Roberts was known for her tough-guy roles prior to Pretty Woman, but in this scene, she reveals her softer side. She starts an argument with Richard over something trivial, and we see her break down in tears. It’s touching and heartbreaking all at the same time.

4. Vivian tells Edward that she’s pregnant – This scene is pivotal in terms of establishing Vivian’s character. She’s not just some rich woman who wants to take advantage of Edward; she actually cares about him and wants to be with him legitimately.