10 best youtube films you should see

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10 best youtube films you should see

YouTube is an amazing resource for entertainment. From film to music, there’s no shortage of content to watch and explore on the site. This list of the 10 best YouTube films provides a great starting point if you’re looking for some quality entertainment.

1. “The Fault in Our Stars” – This heart-wrenching film tells the story of two young people who are forced to face their mortality while struggling with cancer. The acting is superb, and the story is emotional and compelling.

2. “Blended” – In this quirky romantic comedy, a blended family comes together for an annual reunion and hilarity ensues. All the relationships in the movie are explored in depth, making it one of the most entertaining YouTube films out there.

3. “John Wick” – Keanu Reeves stars as an assassin who goes on a rampage after his wife is killed. The action in this movie is intense and spectacular, making it a must-see for fans of high-octane thrillers.

4.”Walking With Dinosaurs” – This documentary follows scientists as they attempt to reconstruct the lives of dinosaurs using modern scientific methods. The footage is fascinating and educational, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for something educational to watch online.
5.”Gravity” – One of space exploration’s most notorious failures turns out to be one of its greatest successes when astronaut Sandra Bullock’s shuttle gets lost in space and she has to

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1. “The Piano” – This moving and powerful short film tells the story of a young girl who is forced to take up piano lessons after her mother dies. Despite her initial reluctance, she gradually starts to enjoy the music and learns to connect with the instrument in ways she never thought possible.


2. “Let It Be” – This poignant and emotional short film follows four musicians as they prepare for their last performance together. As the emotions start to overwhelm them, they begin to doubt whether or not they should go through with it. Ultimately, their love for each other brings them back together and creates one of the most memorable concerts ever filmed.


3. “Awake” – This heartbreaking documentary follows a group of people who are living in coma-like states due to an unknown disease. Through interviews and footage from their lives before the diagnosis, the film shows just how much life these patients were actually leading before everything changed.


4. “The Soloist” – One man’s journey from being a homeless street performer to becoming one of the world’s most celebrated classical violinists are told in this heart-wrenching documentary. From battling financial struggles to struggling with his own self-doubt, viewers follow Ade Patrick from start to finish as he strives to make his dream a reality.

5. “Emmitt Smith: The Rise and Fall” – This feature-length documentary follows former NFL quarterback Emmitt Smith during his career as

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If you’re looking for some great, original films to watch on YouTube, you should check out some of the best ones below. Some of these films have been critically acclaimed and won awards, while others are just plain weird but in a good way. No matter what your taste in movies may be, there’s sure to be at least one film on this list that you’ll love.


“The Act of Killing”


This documentary tells the story of Indonesian death squad leaders who have been convicted of committing atrocities during the country’s bloody period of political unrest. The film is incredibly gruesome, and it will make you question the morality of human behavior.


“Beasts of No Nation”


This Academy Award-winning film is about a young boy who becomes involved in a civil war in West Africa and is forced to fight for survival. It’s an intense and gripping story, and it will leave you feeling disturbed and sympathetic for the characters involved.


“The Room”


If you enjoy horror movies, then you need to watch “The Room.” This obscure B-movie is about a group of friends who are trapped inside a decrepit hotel room and start to become paranoid as things start to go wrong. The suspense and horror in this film are unmatched, and it’s definitely worth your time to watch it.